The final paper of this course will be due during Module 9. The paper will be a 3-4 page analysis of a literary concept of your choice.
For this week’s proposal, submit 2 page overview discussing the topic you intend to use for your final paper. The paper can be about a specific author, a work of prose, a concept, or poetry. It will include preliminary research (citations, references)
The following are some ideas you can use or you can go on your own:

Selected poems from an author (Shakespeare, Langston Hughes, Haiku’s by Basho, etc)
Social commentary of a selected work
The social context of a work (i.e how did Frankenstein reflect the rise of the Industrial Revolution)
Fables (i.e. how did Aesop’s fables convey a message)
How did Shakespeare influence modern day English (i.e. Shakespeare made up many new words that still exist today!)
How did an author convey a theme (i.e. life, death, love, conflict) in a work or across his/her works?
The development of a character in a work. 

There are many ideas, so you are welcome to choose any topic you want. These are just a few. 
Please let me know if you have questions about this assignment. 


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