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Font: times news Roman, SIZE 12, apa referencing (at least 6)

To discuss in project;

1.Explore in in-depth the challenges of covid to HRM in the private sector at DHL express.
2.Using media sources (newspapers, videos) , provide a summary of UAE governments intervention/polices during covid 19, related to HRM(employees,work) based on publications.
3. Create a table detailing the article, name of author and date of publication to be done in the appendix. Make sure we have 6 references, 4 of which are peer reviewed articles. Including profile of HRM if found in any videos eg managers.
4. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of DHL in UAE.

Structure of report;

2.presentation and definition of topic and why we chose it
3.literature review
4.based on sources, provide summary of UAE government interventions and policies during covid related to HRM
5.presentation of company
6. Summary of interview (info can be found online of DHL HRM)
7. Critical analysis
8. Recommendations
9. Conclusions
10. References and appendix

Links that may help :

Covid-19 impact on businesses and HR in the UAE


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