To access the Comp-XM exam you need to log in with your original account on Capsim (not the footrace account you created).
Click on the open exam link you see in the Comp-XM area on your main dashboard.

It is self-paced
You may not contact CapSim support nor me with questions, so be sure you have completed all preparations

The exam closes next Wednesday night.
Remember, this is the generous grading curve I shared with you in Chat. If you get 600 or above you get all 150 points in the grade book and on down from there.

150 points = 600 or above on CompXM
 140 points = 500 to 599 points
 130 points = 400 to 499
 120 = 300 to 399
 110 = 200 to 299
 100 = 100 to 199


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