a) On Wednesday, Harry sold 3 times as many candy bars as on Tuesday. On Thursday, he sold 5 times as many bars as on Wednesday. He sold a total of 152 candy bars. How many did he sell each day?
b) Bill has 5 times as many baseball cards as Fred. Tim has 3 fewer than 4 times as many baseball cards as Fred. In all they have 167 baseball cards. How many does each have?
a) The length of a rectangle is 5 more than the width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 168 inches. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.
b) The length of a rectangle is twice the width. If the length is increased by 4 inches and the width is diminished by 1 inch, a new rectangle is formed whose perimeter is 198 inches. Fine the dimensions of the original rectangle.
a) John is now 3 times as old as his brother Sam. In 5 years, John will be twice as old as Sam will be then. Find their present ages.
b) Find four consecutive integers such that the sum of the second and the fourth is 132.
a) Find four consecutive even integers such that twice the sum of the second and third exceeds 3 times the first by 32.
b) The difference between two numbers is 24. Find the numbers if their sum is 88.
a) Separate 60 into two parts so that 3 times the smaller added to 6 more than 6 times the smaller = 60.
b) A train traveled 300 miles. How long did the trip take if the train was traveling at a rate of:
Note * Use the d=rt formula (distance = rate * time). NOTE: You may not be able to solve for the variable. If you do not have enough information to solve for the variable then write the equation.
1) 50 mph
2) 70 mph
3) x mph
4) (x+10)mph
5) (x-5)mph
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