I recently decided to switch careers into nursing. I have always

been in the forensic or death industry. I had always wanted a be a nurse so I

decided to make the change. My acculturation experience was rather drastic

coming from the line of work that I was in before. I do not necessarily have to

be as gentle in the morgue.

For my first and current nursing job, I was hired as a per diem

employee through an agency. I started in January of 2020.  My assignments

are mostly one on one with a child at their school. I really love working with

children, it is a field of nursing that most interest me. The biggest adjustment

for me was a language barrier. Most of the schools that I was sent to had

patients that spoke in Spanish as their primary language. Communication is a

fundamental component of cross-cultural care encounters. (Maria

Jirwe,  Kate Gerrish, and Azita Emami (2010)) This was a major adjustment

for me because I had to use my judgement based off of facial expressions or

translation from a teacher. I often had to wait for a teacher or staff member

to become available to help me speak with my patient. In the end it became a

routine for me. I learned who to ask and when to ask them.

I also had schools where the children were non verbal or faced with

learning disabilities. I had never worked with a disabled population before

and I did not know what to expect. Children with intellectual and

developmental disabilities (I,DD) may belong to a minority culture, the

additional culture of disability, and a culture of poverty. (Nehring (2007)) I once had a patient who was autistic,

non verbal, and diabetic. I was with this particular patient several times. He

took some getting use to, but I found a way to communicate with him.

Although he was non-verbal her was very comprehensive and helped me in

his own way.

When I got sent out on these assignments I went alone. I was not

trained with a nurse by my side. I had the phone number of the supervising

nurse if I had any questions. That was very new for me. I was use to a formal

training time period in which I had to be comfortable with a skill before I was

able to do it alone. I was very nervous when I got my first assignment. The

agency assured me that it would not be a difficult case for my first time. They

were right, my first cases was a very simple laid back case. I believe it is what

gave me the confidence that I needed to continue doing the job. I can not tell

the experience of a new nurse that has joined our staff because we all worked



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