Now you are working for a finance company and you have data in form of two lists, one is a list of stock names, the other is a list of the prices of those stocks. You can start with the following data: stocks = [‘IBM’,’AAPL’,’GOOG’,’FB’,’SMSN’,’INTC’,’MCD’,’TWTR’] stockPrices = [23.4,24.5,25.3,56.7,89.4,45.3,43.6,67.4] Suppose the value of a particular stock has increased by a certain percentage. Write a program that does the following: Requirements:  Ask the user to enter the name of the stock  Ask the user to enter the percentage increase CP104 Spring 2018 A5: Lists Qutaiba Albluwi © 2018  Find the price of the stock  Compute the new value with the requested increase  Update the stock price  Print the updated stock list Use the following error checking:  If the user enters an increase that is 0 or negative, then no change should take place  If the user enters a stock name that is not in the list, print an error message. Note: For the purposes of this problem, assume that you cannot use the .index function.
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