Part 1Deliverable Length: 500-600 words the scenario regarding John Smith’s Business profile. (link above)Discuss Smith’s current business profile with respect to product versus process design. Expand the discussion on process design based on the operations management model within your textbook. Focus on the extended processes including our suppliers, our suppliers’ suppliers, our internal processes, our distributors, logistical functions, and our customers. If you use sources to support your discussion, please cite your sources. Part 2Deliverable Length: 10-15 slides with speaker notes, 500-1,250 words with recommendationsUsing the scenario (Part 1) regarding John Smith’s Business profile. Prepare a presentation that outlines Smith’s current state and recommendations for key performance indicators (KPI’s) or metrics for Smith to measure.
In the presentation, include the following: * Address the purpose and benefit that metrics provide for management and how the business can use metrics to drive improvements. * Provide recommendations for metrics specific to Smith’s business in at least five of the following categories: customer service, quality, delivery / on-time delivery, cost, responsiveness, communication, project delivery, technology, employee productivity, capacity, etc. Include examples of charts / graphs or the manner in which the metric would be communicated to management and the frequency of reporting. This can include balanced scorecard, management memo’s, daily pulse reporting, monthly operations reporting or any other means which will provide the information in a timely and relevant manner to management. * Discuss how Smith would track and report on the data needed for each metric as well as the limitations within the current process or assumptions built into the measurement. * Explain the importance of metrics on customer relationships and satisfaction.
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