Part I: Introducing Psychology’s Major Questions and Debates

Choose one of the major questions of psychology discussed in the first chapter of your textbook:


Nature vs. nurture
Free will vs. determinism
Accuracy vs. inaccuracy
Conscious vs. unconscious processing
Differences vs. similarities


Briefly summarize in 6-9 sentences the major question that you selected ANDprovide evidence from your own experiences that support one side or the other.

* Adapted from Introduction to Psychology textbook
Part II: Research Methods-Application

Think about a human behavior that you find interesting. Briefly describe it in 2-3 sentences.
List potential explanations or causes of the behavior that you described in Part A?
Imagine you are a psychologist. How should this behavior be studied? In other words describe is it best to use a Descriptive, Correlational or Experimental methodology? Why?
What is one possible hypothesis that you would test?
What steps would you take to make sure the study is ethical?

*Adapted from Introduction to Psychology Chapter 2 Instructor’s Resources
This Discussion Activity is worth 10 total points and should take you between 1-2 hours to complete.

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