Pharmacological and Physiological Antagonism
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the required chapters from the text and review the required articles for this week. Alcohol and caffeine have nearly opposite effects on behavior and the nervous system, yet these substances are not used to treat overdose or addiction to the other. Why not use caffeine to treat alcohol addiction? Analyze the issues of pharmacological and physiological antagonism. Explain the receptor systems involved and the central nervous system structures effects with regard to this question. Frame your analysis in terms of drug action first and other consequences second.
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Poverty is perhaps the root cause of most stress within families and children.  Review this website National Center for Children in Poverty (n.d.)
Use the State profile tool to find out how poverty affects the children in your state.  Expand the conversation about children in poverty in your state, using the NCCP website and at least one other source. Why would poverty impact stress in nearly all situatins within the family? What are possible causes of poverty and solutions? How does poverty impact education?
· Align your posting to the forum rubric and make sure you use APA format in your references and citations.
· Do not copy the question back into your reply.
National Center for children in Poverty (n.d.) State demographic profiles. Retrieved from
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