Directions: Using the outline found in the Project Instructions as a guideline, prepare parts I, II, and III for your final written report. Be sure to review the feedback provided from your drafts and make any necessary changes. 
The contents should be organized in the following order:
Title PageAbstractTable of ContentsText of the Report (PART I-III)Reference listAPPENDICES• Appendix A. Journal• Appendix B. Action Research Project Proposal Form (signed)• Appendix C. Completion Form (signed)• Appendix D. Project Materials• Appendix E. Related pamphlets/brochures, etc.• Appendix F. Any additional material
Examples and additional information for each item can be found in the Project Instructions.
( thanks. this is the final work and it will require full attention. am posting it early to give you enough time to work on it. thanks
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