Prepare a 15- page double-spaced paper (excluding the title and reference page) on the following topic:

Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.

your role is as a consultant with ten years experience in the public financial management industry.  After reviewing the course concepts you will identify several issues that directly connect to the written assignment.  In addition to reading the assigned text materials to develop knowledge about the concepts, a thorough masterâ€s level education requires the development of effective research skills.  In this assignment you will work to develop a rich resource of academic sources to support your paper.
You are in the role of a consultant with ten years experience in the public financial management industry.  A group of 20 civic leaders are considering forming a new task force and have asked you to prepare a proposal on whether they should build a facility in an area within 30 miles of the downtown center of your 500,000 population city for $100 million dollars.
Prepare a report for the mayor and city council on your proposed expenditure plan assessing the key course objectives including fund accounting and financial controls, control and management of public expenditures, government financial reporting requirements, analyzing financial statements and budgets to make appropriate administrative decisions, and applying budgets as disciplinary process.
Must use at least five scholarly sources, I have provided two please select three more. 

Finkler, S. A., Purtell, R. M., Calabrese, T. D., & Smith, D. L. (2013). Financial management for public, health, and not-for-profit organizations (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Public financial management: refers to legal and administrative systems and processes that will ensure the effective, economic and efficient utilization of public resources in accordance with defined standards.
This is the information that should be used and the source above

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