Social Control Theory
Discuss the different elements of Travis Hirschi’s Social Bond Theory. Be sure to identify factors that affect each of these “Key Bonds” (Attachment, Commitment, Involvement, and Belief). For example, for Attachment, describe the importance of family and social group members who transmit either anti/pro-social behavior. Also explain how those bonds improve either resistance or acceptance of law violating behavior.
Death Case Insanity Defense Paradox
read the NY Times article, Justices Let Stand Ruling That Allows Forcibly Drugging an Inmate Before Execution . Then respond to the questions below.
What do you think about the case? Why?
Is this practice justified? Why or why not? Is it cruel and unusual punishment? Why or why not?
What is Malingering?
What is malingering? How would this be seen in both criminal and civil settings? How do psychologists assess malingering and why is it important to assess it?
Each question
3-4 sentences each APA style include reference
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