In this discussion, you will explore middle adulthood and the concepts of mid-life crisis or reflection. The purpose of this discussion is to encourage you and your classmates to reflect on this topic and foster a conversation that illuminates the concepts in this module.
Post your response to either option A or B 
A)    How do proponents of the mid-life crisis and the life events perspective approach middle age differently? What are some stereotypes of mid-life crisis in men and women? Are these stereotypes supported by research, your own observations, or experience? How might culture influence a mid-life crisis? In our culture, are we more afraid of aging because of how it impacts our physical appearance or more afraid of aging because it reminds us of our mortality? Please provide examples and evidence to support your argument.   
B)    Please watch the documentary Season of Life – Middle Adulthood in its entirety. As the documentary explains, middle adulthood is often a time of reflection and introspection about one’s life. Using the Life Review Chart, reflect on these aspects of your life in the past, present, and future. What areas of your life have you been pleased with and why? What areas do you feel you need to improve on and why? How might a life review be important in this specific developmental stage (middle adulthood) and help in the process of aging? 
•       A minimum of 500 words (not including reference
•       References and cites one peer-reviewed journal using correct APA
•       Reference and cite one scholarly source using correct APA
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