“Whereas the successful prosecution of war requires every possible protection against espionage and against sabotage to the national defense, the President of the United States orders the immediate evacuation of all persons of your racial/ethnic ancestry.” All persons are being ordered to report to a government “relocation” processing center within 48 hours. Your bank accounts and liquid assets have been frozen. You may bring only what you can carry in two standard size suitcases with you to the processing center.
Remember, assume that your entire life is being disrupted as your life is today. Failure to show up will have dire consequences.
Write an essay of 750-1000 words to respond to the following questions:
In part one, what preparations will you undertake within the next 48 hours? What kinds of decisions and considerations must you make? Delineate the issues confronting you. Who will go with you? Who wonâ€t? And why? Family? Friends? What kind of arrangements will you make about your home and/or the belongings you must leave behind? What arrangements are you going to make about school and/or work? Pets? What will you tell your neighbors, friends? What kinds of documentation will you bring with you and what will you leave behind? Whom will you say good-bye to?
In the second part of your essay, reflect on the issues you had to deliberate along racial/ethnic lines. What racial/ethnic group do you belong to? What kinds of questions arose in relation to your racial/ethnic identity? On what basis are you proving your racial/ethnic identity? What seems to matter? How do you describe the feelings that you experienced as a result of being targeted on the basis of your race/ethnicity? How does this affect how you feel about your own government and the protection of your individual rights?
It might be helpful to watch “Japanese American Internment” on youtube
*I am an African American Muslim, however, you can choose your own race if it would make it easier for you to complete the essay* Thanks!!
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