1. Read the two discussion posts below and respond by extending the discussion by adding new insights, different examples from your experience, or from other sources.
  2. Apply critical thinking. Agreement, quoting other learners, or repeating the case content will not be counted.
  3. The response to each post should 100 words each.

#1: The manager could of made his presence known before escalating to the point in which it did. With the papers not being in the proper area, this caused the tensions to rise, which then caused the initial action from the customer, prompting a triggering response by the employee. Actions that could of been avoided it altogether is to have managers strictly deal with refunds, because based on what the cashier mentioned that the customer happened to eat most of his food, how can you refund something that is no longer there. Instead of time being taken up by a refund the employee can now provide customer service to others or help where it is needed. This can eliminate the “young kids” with limited training and / or patience from dealing with customers that are upset. From the very beginning you can tell that the cashier wasn’t too comfortable deescalating the situation, so at that point he should of went to get the manager so there would not be any further issues. This would take him out of the equation and provide him a way to learn what to do in this situation. At some times, businesses just take the loss and refund the money when in some examples it is clear that the refund wouldn’t even be a questionable issue. Such as eating all the food and then complaining afterwards. The manager also could of provided more training prior to the incident, to deal with situations like this, and enforced the importance of deescalating the situation versus trying to prove a point. Also having the promise or guarantee in writing is great but that form needs to be readily accessible as well. Not only was the attitude of the employee negative but the customer was getting aggravated more based on the time and how long it is taking to get this situation handled.

#2: After watching the Fast times at Ridgemont High clip there we’re several ways that the manager could have handled the situation differently. First and foremost as soon as the manager noticed there was an issue he should have immediately removed the worker from behind the counter and took over because the situation was heated, secondly he should have given the customer his money back because he was not satisfied with his meal; as the customer said, the food was under cooked or even ask the customer would he like them to remake the food. The customer did mention that he comes to the restaurant all the time and this was his first time having a bad experience, As a manager I would have apologized of course and gave the customer a free coupon to come back with everything on us. The key to having a successful business is that the customers are always right even when there wrong. When the manager disciplined the employee in front of the customer, I thought that was very UNPROFESSIONAL! As a manager he should have handled the situation completely different, after the manager took care of the customer he should have took his employee to the back to get his side of the story and then decided what he wanted to do from there. I’ve worked in the restaurant business for about five years and I know the “do’s” and “don’t”. Me personally I would have not reacted like that, and before the situation would have gotten worst I would have got my manager. Customers always like when a manager comes over and acknowledge the situation before they ask to speak to one. It shows that you care and that you are being proactive in the situation.


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