Answer the questions associated with the case. The answers should reflect the level of the course and show that you have adequately researched and thought about the topic. You should especially emphasize the reasoning behind your choices of mutual funds.

How much money do you think Alice should put aside for her retirement account? Recall that the

federally mandated limit for her individual contributions is $18,000 per year and that Northwestern

can match her contributions up to a

total of $54,000.


List the critical criteria Alice should consider in deciding which mutual fund or funds to invest in.


Which fund or funds should she invest in, and why?


What do you think about the set of Tier 2 and 3 funds available for her to invest

in? Do you think

the collection of funds in each asset class are good offerings? If not, what would you change? Do

you think the selection is adequate or should more funds be offered? Why?


What role, if any, did fees play in your determination of Alice

â€s portfolio?

ATTENTION:Just need to answer 3&5.

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