Topic :Should cigarette smoking be banned? (4-5Pages) write essay without research dont google for evidenece.

Your Introduction: What should it do?

1.Gain readersí interest and willingness to listen

2.Indicate qualifications to write about your topic

3.Establish some common ground with your audience

4.Demonstrate your fair, objective viewpoint

5.State your claim clearly

Background: Present information, including personal stories and anecdotes relevant to why this topic matters to you

Lines of Argument

Present good reasons, including logical and emotional appeals, in support of your claim

Consider different points of view and opposing arguments

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this view?

Explain why your view is preferable/better than opposition


Summarize the argument

Elaborate on the implications of your claim (why does it matter?)

Make clear what you want your audience to think or do

Reinforce your credibility and/or offer an emotional appeal

1.Introduction ó present the situation and explain what your opinion is (i.e. state your claim)

2.Lines of Argument ó what are reasons for why you believe what you believe, present good reasons, including logical, emotional, and ethical appeals, in support of your claim

3.Alternative arguments carefully consider different points of view and opposing arguments, noting advantages and disadvantages

4.Conclusion summarizes argument, elaborate on implications of claim, make it clear what audience should do


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