******Only 1-2 Paragraphs Needed******

One of the important benefits of social media such as Facebook and Twitter is that they allow marketers to easily learn what consumers are saying about their brand – and about the competition. To better understand that process, you can go out to Twitter and conduct a little detective work to see what consumers are saying about a brand.

  • This week for your discussion, select a product type and particular brand of that product to study – it can be in any product category you choose.
  • Go to Twitter.com. Search for your selected brand and see what is revealed. After you have reviewed the results, provide a summary of the following information:
    • The number of tweets that are positive
    • The major aspects of the brand that people think are positive
    • The number of tweets that are negative
    • The major aspects of your brand that people think are negative
    • The number of tweets that ask questions.
  • For your reply post, discuss whether the data that the other student collected speaks to the brand’s equity/strength in the marketplace.

******Only 1-2 Paragraphs Needed******v


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