“The Western Tradition”: “The age of the nation-states” (Links to an external site.)(#43; video, 26:30 minutes); “A new public” (#44; video, 26:40 minutes); and “Fin de Siècle” (#45; video, 26:40 minutes)(fast forward past the introductory graphics)Part 2“Our democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written. Black Americans have fought to make them true” (Links to an external site.)“A vast wealth gap, driven by segregation, redlining, evictions, and exclusion, separates black and white America” (Links to an external site.)GPCC, chapter 4, “The nation-state in the culture of capitalism”Describe “the age of the nation-states” and “a new public.”What functions does the nation-state perform in the culture of capitalism?Although states (governments) have existed for as much as 7,000 years, what is the history of the nation-state?How has the nation-state been constructed from the standpoint of social engineering? How does this pertain to the history of race and ethnic relations in the U.S., including slavery, immigration, and forms of racial oppression in general.
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