Please complete this POWERPOINT project for me.
ISSUE: Maternity/ postpartum
For your second writing assignment, you will research a global health issue that interests you from a list of suggested topics. You will work to create a funding proposal that outlines the global health challenge, provides supporting data, and makes policy recommendations. Your group will present your funding proposal to the rest of the class (5% of the course grade).
(s): What does your group propose to do to make this global health issue better? In other words, what do you want the WHO to provide funding for? Why?
a. For our purposes, you may assume that funding limits are not a concern. But, if you can determine how much something might cost from your research, that will make your proposal stronger. Also, if you are doing something that would seem impossibly expensive, you can strengthen your case by showing that it wouldn’t be. Example: “solving homelessness by giving each homeless person in the U.S. a free apartment would seem to be far too expensive, but ______ organization estimates it would cost x dollars, which is less money than the U.S. spends on services for homeless people.”
b. You may (and in most cases probably should) target your intervention to a particular place or group of people. Justify your choice to do so. You might consider: Where is the problem worst? Where would solutions be most cost efficient? Who is (will be) most affected? Are there people it would be too difficult to help? Would helping some group of people stop the issue from spreading or causing other problems?
3. Organizations/Partners who can support your efforts: Provide at least TWO potential partners who are already doing this or similar work (Governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, charities, churches, local activists, etc.). What are they already doing in this area? What are they not doing? Pro Tip: These potential partners are also likely good sources of evidence.
Most significant social challenges: Provide the TWO most significant social challenges your intervention will have to deal with. For instance, perhaps you want to stop a sexually transmitted disease in a country that has outlawed contraception or certain kinds of sex. Or perhaps you will be working in country that is in the middle of a civil war.
5. Ethical considerations: What if any ethical considerations will be important in solving this problem and what will you do to try to overcome them? If you do not believe there are any ethical concerns, you must make the case for why you think that.
6. Evidence: a. Quantitative evidence: You should have at least FIVE pieces of concrete quantitative evidence from at least THREE quality sources. Highlight these in green in your paper.
b. Qualitative evidence: You should have at least THREE pieces of concrete qualitative evidence from at least TWO quality sources. Highlight these in yellow in your paper. Quantitative vs qualitative evidence: In simplest terms, quantitative evidence is numerical evidence (often statistics) whereas qualitative evidence is textual evidence (often comments from interviews or focus-groups).
Quantitative Ex.: The percentage of people in South Africa who die from HIV/AIDS every year. Qualitative Ex.: An interview with a South African woman describing the death of her husband from HIV/AIDS. Qualitative evidence will almost always be evidence that comes from someone with direct experience of the thing you are discussing. So, the interview about HIV/AIDS would count, but a quotation from a research article about HIV/AIDS would not.
Using evidence: Though “evidence” is listed in in its own section above, it should be used throughout your presentation and paper. Beware of just using the first five pieces of pieces of evidence you can find in order to “check the box.” Look for the evidence that best supports your proposal and is most likely to capture your audience. And think about what types of evidence might be most effective in different parts of your proposal.
“Raising awareness”: When trying to come up with an intervention, students often default to “raising awareness” about an issue. Example: “we want to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in Africa.” A public information campaign is much too broad and vague for this assignment. The only exception would be if you provide strong evidence that information is the most important necessity for those affected by your health issue.
Example: “Evidence from the CDC shows that suicides among college students are on the rise because students do not know how to make an appointment for a psychiatrist at their college health center. Thus, we want to put a sign on the wall in every dorm room with this information and have health center workers call all off-campus students once a semester just to check in.” Likewise, in almost all cases, a fundraising campaign is not appropriate for this assignment either. You are writing this proposal to get money from the WHO, not from others.
Formatting the Presentation 1. Time Limit: 5-7 Minutes
2. Visual: You should have a visual aid(s) to go along with your presentation. If you decide to use PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. you should submit the file or link to our D2L folder BEFORE class begins on presentation day. Avoid the “wall of text”; use your verbal presentation to fill in the details.
3. Other Materials: You are welcome to use notes, notecards, etc. in your presentations.
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