Assignment 2: Advanced Excel Functionality

Objective: After the completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Employ the v-lookup function to merge data from multiple spreadsheets into a single, useable worksheetUtilize pivot tables to synthesize data from a spreadsheetCalculate various metrics using formulasMerge and Unmerge cellsConvert text in a single cell into multiple cellsUse the concatenate function to merge data from multiple cells into a single cell

Background: Technology is key to data management and reporting, and Excel is an indispensible tool which allows for the manipulation of data and complex data analysis. This assignment assumes you have a basic working knowledge of Excel and will explore more advanced features that will greatly expand your ability to utilize spreadsheets in the context of HR administration.

Instructions: View the tutorial labeled “Advanced Excel” (linked here and housed in the “Tutorials Folder” on the course content page). Then complete the following tasks within the spreadsheet:

  1. 1.On the “Personal Information” worksheet: Concatenate the two name fields into a single field so that name is displayed as Last Name, First Name. Copy and “paste as values” and delete the original name fields.2. On “Salary” Worksheet: Compute hourly rates for all employees listed with an annual salary (hrly rate = salary/2080). Replace salary values with hourly (retain only one pay rate field).3.On “Salary” Worksheet: Compute the tenure of each employee from the Hire Date field.4.On “Address” Worksheet: generate an email for each employee consisting of Retain only one email field.5.On “Address” Worksheet: use the “convert text to columns” to divide location field into city and state and transfer to City and State fields in address block. Create fictitious street address and “drag down” to populate for all; do the same for zip code.6.Create a copy of the “Personal Information” worksheet and rename it “Master.”7.Using “V-Lookup” function, bring the following fields from the other worksheets into the “Master” worksheet: Pay Rate; Tenure; 2013 Bonus; Job Name; Email; Street Address; City; State; and Zip.8.On “Master” worksheet: select all and create a separate pivot table for each of the following:a.Demographics: Include employee counts by gender and ethnicity. Rename the worksheet with the pivot table “Demographics Summary.”b.Salary by Job: Include employee counts and average tenure, average salary and average bonus by job title. Rename the worksheet with the pivot table “Job Summary.”

Deliverable: Submit your spreadsheet (a single excel file) as an attachment in the assignment dropbox by the due date. In total, you should have 7 active worksheets (4 original and 3 new) in your file. Retain a copy of your file for use in assignment 3.


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