Must have some experience or be familiar with the Bible. This is a one page paper on a certain passage in the Bible which is Exodus chapter 3 through chapter 13. The requirement is only a page long. The rest of the requirements are below.

Part One: Write one paragraph on the biblical book of Exodus where the passage is from in which you give an introduction to the book. What do you need to know about the book to understand it? For example: what period of Israel’s history it describes, what is the overall story, theme, content of the book, etc. Use 1-2 sources as evidence.
Write 5 observations you make from Exodus 3-13. This is your reaction to the book using the following guidelines. What do you think about the assigned biblical text? What do you see in the assigned biblical text? Please format these either in a numbered list or bullet points. Each observation must be 4-5 sentences in which you discuss the content of the text. Don’t “theologize” or try to describe what it means for us today. Just look at what is written on the page and make observations. A good rule of thumb is to write about the text in the third person.

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