Title Page
Table of Contents
Use the headings show in this example as your table of contents.
Introduction to Organization and Product/Service and Microenvironment 

Background and explanation including the one or two products/services you are focusing on
Include main actors in the micro environment
Include a discussion of the main forces in the macroenvironment

Basic Marketing Research
What marketing research does the organization plan (incorporate relevant aspects of Dropbox 2 into this part)?

SWOT Analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats a chart format is OK for this section see SWOT section in the Sample Marketing Plan in the etext.

Competitive Analysis
See the Competitive Review section in the Sample Marketing Plan in the etext.
Marketing Objectives
Be specific, preferably measurable objectives, explain see Objectives and Issues section in the Sample Marketing Plan in the etext.

Positioning, Target Market and Segmentation
Create a positioning statement or improve upon the one the organization currently has the segment and who is the target market?

Marketing Mix Strategies
Describe strategies for all 4 Ps of marketing, or how to improve what a company is currently doing; See Marketing Strategy section in the Sample Marketing Plan in etext but describe these in further detail with full analysis for each separately this may be your largest section of the report.
Promotion and Integrated Marketing Communication

Ethical, Legal and Privacy Considerations
What ethical and legal issues present themselves?  Consider any of these as relevant and describe how you would address these.


Appendix (optional)
Include any data and graphs or web printouts that are relevant but are too large to fit within the text of the report. This is an optional section. 


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