6. The earth has a magnetic north pole attracting a magnet’s
  A. South Pole
  B. North Pole
  C. Both South and North Poles
  D. The midpoint between South and North Poles
7. Which type of electromagnetic waves is used to show that bones absorb better that soft tissue?
  A. microwaves
  B. radio waves
  C. gamma rays.
  D. x-rays
8. The flow of electrons, in an electrical circuit, is from
  A. negative to positive terminals
  B. from positive to negative terminals
  C. alternate from positive to negative terminals
  D. None of the above. They just vibrate back and forth
An AC voltage of 20 V is supplied to a transformer with a five turn input coil. How much voltage will be received from a ten turn output soil?
  A. 10V
  B. 20V
  C. 40V
  D. 200V
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