Read the materials and then think carefully about its impact upon the people at that time (from this website The paper should NOT describe the trial. Your focus should be to analyze an issue or set of issues associated with the trial and the results. Take a strong position about some aspect of the event. Use only primary sources. Do not use first person — “I,” “me,” and so on. You must cite all paraphrases and quotations. Citation should be in this form at the end of the sentence or quotation: (Paine, Common Sense, 128) or (“Valley of the Shadow” Website, 1860 Agricultural Census for Franklin County). Long quotations (longer than 3 or 4 lines) should be indented 1/2 inch on both sides, skip 2 or 3 spaces (not 2 or 3 double spaces) above and below the quotation and place citation in brackets like this at the end. [Paine, Common Sense, 128] . Such block quotes should be single-spaced. Do not use more than three long quotations.


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