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One source states, “in a multicultural society, it is important to keep in mind that physicians and patients frequently do not come from the same cultural background or belief system. Since patients in medical and spiritual distress are often in a vulnerable position, it is critical that health care providers be sensitive and careful in their approach to patients” (Virtual Mentor, 2005, par. 2).
I think the thing that I struggle with the most when it comes to this is not being completely objective with my advice. When a patient asks for my opinion, I sometimes give my subjective advice rather than remaining objective as nurses are trained to do. My biggest strength when it comes to different worldviews is making sure I am not judgmental. Although someone may have different beliefs and opinions than you, nurses should always remain respectful and kind. If I were a patient in the midst of a difficult medical situation, myself as the patient would have the ultimate decision over my personal care. I may reach out to family, medical providers, spiritual leaders in order to get their opinion and advice, however, the final decision would be my own.
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