two well developed paragraphs plus question

1. Imagine that you must counsel a couple considering in vitro fertilization using donor ova to overcome infertility. What medical and ethical risks would you raise?

2. In chapter two Berk shed light on a number of treatments and procedures that a mother could have done while the child is still in her womb. These treatments are put forth to stop the child from developing certain hereditary disorders, or to even mend certain disabilities. This is fascinating, but also concerning. I suppose it would be best for the parents and family to have the child healthy upon birth, but is this something that will change the child later in life? Would it be upsetting for the child to find out that there was an issue with him while in the womb, but they doctor was able to “fix” it before he was born?

3.I need you to create a question (like u see question number 2). My teacher wants thoughtful question.

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