Please answer the following questions in a well-integrated 2 page essay using 8 scholarly references
Deal with these issues in an integrated fashion, not as a series of individual questions.

Case:  Wirtz, J., & Heracleous, L. (2012). Singapore Airlines: Managing human resources for cost-effective service excellence. Retrieved from
Please answer the following questions in a well-integrated essay:
1.    Why do you think U.S. full-service airlines are largely undifferentiated, low-quality providers? What are the reasons that none of the full-service airlines positioned itself and delivers as a high service quality provider?
2.    How might people feel if they are working in a culture that focuses so intensely on customers, but cuts costs to the bone internally?
3.    View: (Across the World with the Singapore Girl) and (Singapore Airlines SQ Girl), and discuss your perceptions of these videos from an HRM standpoint.

Across the World with the Singapore Girl. Retrieved from

Singapore Airlines SQ Girl. Retrieved from

McDermott, D., & Marshall, S. (2016). Look to the future with succession planning. Chemical Engineering Progress, 112(12), 23-26. Retrieved from ProQuest

Meinert D Nov 2014 What’s blocking workforce change HR Magazine 59 11 16 Retrieved from ProQuest


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