I need some assistance with these assignment. uk government against teaching reform Thank you in advance for the help! The first focuses upon the ways in which disability and learning difficulties are problems created socially by society’s power structure. The arguments clearly point out that physical and also mental impairment are there to show the large diversity of human nature and should not be viewed as disabilities. Mistreating people with physical and mental impairments is what transforms the impairments into disabilities. Isolated Special education institutions are viewed as oppression to the disabled.
The New Labour initiative which supports inclusive schooling has been the Strategy for special education needs that remove barriers to educational achievement (DfES, 2004). The importance of this strategy is that it takes special education within the wider policy initiative of the Green Paper Every child matters (The Stationery Office, 2003) 144 D. Armstrong offers the most comprehensive expression of inclusive education policy within New Labour’s wider ideological vision of the inclusive society.

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