and read:
What are your thoughts about this video based on your own experience or what you’ve witness with your Asian friends? What are the stereotypes you’ve encountered about Asian women that were incorrect? List the different types of Asian women you’ve encountered. How do these mainstream stereotypes differ from your experience?
Society tends to label the ALL ASIAN WOMEN as “quiet, obedient, good girlfriends/wives, sexually repressed, thin, pretty and smart?” Do you have a similar experience to Kelly Yang’s experience? Share your experience or the experience of someone that you know.

criteria :-
Your response must be both relevant (answers the question being asked) and substantial (demonstrates a thoughtful, informed response). • Demonstrate your comprehension of the course concepts and your ability to convey a well-informed opinion (i.e., no brief, off-the-top-of-your-head responses). • You are required to make specific references to the course materials being discussed (i.e., all of the assigned readings, etc.). Demonstrate that you are keeping up with the readings and assignments. • Your response should be original, not rehashed from lecture notes. • If you answer something simply to the effect of “I agree,” you will receive zero credit. • You may pose questions and suggest alternative explanations for another student’s interpretation of the material. • When intellectually appropriate, give examples from your personal experience.
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