Watch the video and then answer the questions listed below.
Chinese History: World History Crash Course #71. China was the first ______________________, meaning it had a centralized government and bureaucrats who could execute the wishes of that government.2. This Chinese state lasted from ______________ until _________________.3. The Chinese state consisted of dynasties.  What are dynasties?4. The mandate of heaven is the idea that there can only be one legitimate ruler that has the support/blessing of the gods. How did the Chinese determine if a dynasty had the mandate of heaven?5. The name “China” originated in the ________ dynasty.6. Confucius argued that the key to bringing about a strong and peaceful state was to look to the past and the model of the _____________________________ and their example of “upright, moral behavior”.7. What was Confucius’s version of “moral, upright behavior”?8. There are five key relationships in the superior/inferior dynamic; the most important relationship is that of the _______________________________.9. What is this relationship supposed to contain?  Explain.10. What is the overall goal of the relationship?11. Why does the mandate of heaven and Confucianism create a fundamental problem with how early Chinese historians wrote their history?
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