Write a critical review of the web site. Make sure you put the Title and URL of the Web site at the top of the page. Review should be around 2-3 pages typewritten. The following are questions that should be considered—not all will be applicable to every web site. Don’t just answer the questions—should be a critical essay. Due Feb. 16th at 11:59pm. Who is responsible for the website? Who is the author or organization responsible for the page: credentials, qualifications, contact address, “about link”? Is there a clear purpose or reason for this site? Examine the documents—does the author state the source of the original material? What types of documents are given? What do others say about the web site? See if it is review in History Matters or the Internet Scout Project. What other web pages link to the web site? How many? What kinds of sites are they? Is the content clearly explained, organized and accessible? What is the format of the documents? General impressions of the site. Http://www.now.org/ National organization for women


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