In this week, you will develop a plan for a school to build an environment that supports multiculturalism.

Your plan should introduce the elements of the culture(s) you are planning to discuss, the issues and opportunities available to teachers and administrators in adopting your plan.

You will also need to include information around bilingual programs, family and community connections, language, testing, lesson structures, roles of teachers, how to overcome resistance to your plan, and policies that may be changed or developed to help your plan succeed.

The project/paper must be purposeful work for you as an educational leader. You may use anything in both texts and other materials at your disposal.

Length: 10-12 pages
References: A minimum of 5 scholarly resources.


The culminating research project/paper for this course must demonstrate your comprehension, application, analysis, and integration of course work and current research on multiculturalism in PK-12 school setting
Spend some time drafting a list of what you need to see in a school setting in order to consider it a multicultural setting.


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