What are the advantages of having computer-based forecasting packages to handle the forecasting efforts for a business?
What are the disadvantages?
Reflect back to a time when you were part of an organization that implemented new computer-based products. How did management gain “buy-in” for these new systems and processes?
If you have never been part of an organization that has implemented these, how would you, as the senior manager, gain “buy-in” from most members?
Initial response to the discussion questions must be 250–350 words in length
Use APA format for any quotations or citations you use to support your answers


APA Format – Double-spaced – appropriate headers – use in-text citations/references where necessary
Sections to include:
        Introduction (this should introduce your paper – what the paper is going to tell the reader)
        Analysis of Organizational Behavior (this should include an analysis of the final presentation created with your group.
Compelling Components – Things I Found Most Interesting 
Difficult Components – Things I Didn’t Fully Understand
        How I May Utilize What I’ve Learned in my Career

Graded on the ability to describe and synthesize what you’ve learned throughout the course and how you might utilize this new knowledge in the business world. Grammar, spelling, and format (neatness) are taken into consideration.
Example: A 5 page paper with some grammatical and spelling errors with no more than answers to the questions and little synthesizing would result in a C letter grade. A 7-page paper, well formatted, well thought out, grammatically correct and a couple of solid in-text citations and references to support what you’re saying would result in an A letter grade.


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