1. what do our studies of sleep tell us about the nature of consciousness?
2. How would you present your ideas on this topic using “critical thinking”. And by the way, what area of the brain is responsible for “critical thinking” and how does that kind of thinking differ from “emotional thinking”?
3.  How would you go about doing some research in finding out what consciousness “is”?
4. Do you think awareness = consciousness? What kind are we using to conduct this conversation?
5. Are animals consciousness? They are awake, aroused and alert? We do have a problem defining the problem. So let’s take consciousness to be “self reflection”. Do you think your observation applies when using this definition?
6. Class, what do the mechanisms of internal regulation tell us about the nature of our consciousness? Please provide principles and examples
7. Class, what brain mechanisms are involved in emotion and logic? Can we combine the two into better ways of decision making or are we limited by our biological natures?
8. Explain how we   perceive, live and feel.
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