Which is a benefit of entrepreneurship?
doing what you
love easy to start a business
safety nets in case you fail
getting help from others

 What is the present value of 7 receipts of $2,950 each received at the beginning of each period, discounted at 9% compounded interest?
Q: What did Hamilton believe in regards to the debt the States accumulated from fighting the revolutionary war? A) The state had the obligation to pay the debt B) the national government had the obligat
Q: Carpal tunnel syndrome results from too much pressure being applied to the median sensory nerve (pictured below in yellow). Which is a possible symptom of this disorder?difficulty making grasping move
Q: Antoine is driving a car and is traveling at a constant rate. after 2 hours of driving. Antoine is 128 miles from Buffalo NY. After 5 hours of driving , Antoine is 314 miles from Buffalo, N.Y.
Q: What is one the far-reaction effects that the european conquistadors had on the people of Mesoamercia and South America?
Q: 15. LO.2 Wanda is considering selling two personal use assets that she owns. One has appreciated in value by $20,000, and the other has declined in value by $17,000. Wanda believes that she should sel
Q: Lupe can ride her bike at a rate of 20 mph when there is no wind. On one particular day, she rode 2 miles against the wind and noticed that it took her the same amount of time as it did to ride 3 mile


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