Diana is sick in hospital with a severe bacterial infection. she is to be fed antibiotics intravenously at a constant infusion rate, and the doctor knows that the anti-biotic will be eliminated from the bloodstream at a rate proportional to the amount y(t) present in the bloodstream at time t. if the half-life of the anti-biotic in the bloodstream is 3 hours, what rate of infusion should he prescribe to maintain a long-term amount of 400 mgs in diana’s bloodstream? 1. infusion rate = 1.694 mgs/min 2. infusion rate = 1.617 mgs/min 3. infusion rate = 1.848 mgs/min 4. infusion rate = 1.771 mgs/min 5. infusion rate = 1.54 mgs/min

 Topic 1: You work in HR for a company that operates a factory manufacturing fiberglass. There are several hundred employees working in a variety of…
Q: When considering the First Amendment to the Constitution.
Q: The Staff At A Community Center Make A Rectangular Ice Skating Pit Every Year. They Use 100 Meters Of Boarding Too Enclose It. So The Area Of The Pit Depends Upon The Width They undefined. If The Widt
Q: Topic 2: An employee comes to your office and says he wants to anonymously make a complaint to the US Occupational Safety and Health Act.
Q: Instructions Listen to the Cheik Lo’s composition called quot;M’Beddemiquot; and identify the following terms rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony,
Q: How is terrorism unique in the selection of victims?
Q: What best describes the following set of numbers 2,-2,2,-2, finite arithmetic sequence, infinite geometric sequence, finite geometric sequence,infinite arithmetic sequence


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