1. Both Michaels and McAfee & Brynjolfsson believe that our world has changed in specific ways, and that we must consider a number of factors in order to fully take advantage of our place in society. What factors are of chief concern in each text? How do these authors’ ideas about society, and how to survive in it, contrast and compare? 2 pages.
2. Consider the different approaches that Wong, Rhode, and Kay & Shipman have to success in the modern world, and the different obstacles they see to that success. How do their ideas relate to one another? To the other authors in Unit 2? In Unit 1? 2 pages.

Files & links:
Kay, Katty and Claire Shipman. “The Confidence Gap.”
Wong, Grace. “Silicon Valley’s Other Diversity Problem: Age of Bias in Tech.”
Please use attached files, but in a file of “The Second Machine Age” from McAfee & Brynjolfsson, just use only ch12.
Files’ name “1” – “4” are Michaels’s files.


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