the 1st journal (100A)
First, define theory of mind in your own words. (It really helps to revisit the definition presented in class that is different from our textbook’s limited definition.) Then, respond to the following: How does theory of mind seem to change across infancy and early childhood?
After working through these initial steps, picture yourself as either (a) a future parent, (b) a future preschool teacher, or (c) a future medical professional. (You must choose one.) Write a one-paragraph note to your future self that summarizes what is essential to remember about theory of mind when you work with young children. How do you adjust your approach to working with them based on what you know about theory of mind/perspective taking in early childhood? This paragraph must include two specific and direct references to evidence from our course.
Scoring: Define theory of mind (1 point) and show its change across time (2 points). Then, choose a role (1 point) and write your 1-paragraph summary of essential takeaway from our course content (6 points). See the rubric, as always, and compose all written work in APA style.
here is the class note,…, please search Theory of Mind of the relevant note.
the 2nd journal (100B)
What can schools do to create a more supportive environment for adolescents? Take what youâ€ve learned from our course so far to propose research-based changes to middle-school or high-school environments to support adolescents†development.
First, state whether you’ve chosen to make a change to middle-school or high-school environments. Then, identify one specific way in which middle schools or high schools fail to support adolescents’ developmental needs. Using evidence from our course (I uploaded the reading), explain how this shortcoming could be addressed. What specific steps can schools take to support development more effectively? What’s the evidence for this? Keep a narrow focus, and show us how schools might change for the better to support “expected” development in adolescence.
Scoring: Choose middle school or high school (1 point). Identify a shortcoming (1 point). Show us how schools would change this shortcoming to be more supportive of development by describing how a more supportive context would look and/or function (4 points). Refer to and explain the evidence that supports what you’ve proposed (4 points). Remember that journals will be 1 to 2 double-spaced pages in APA style.
here is the class note, feel free to use it,…
here is the textbook’s link, you can use as the reference for both journals,…
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