Hi, I am taking Political Science – American Government and Politics at a college. Here is the instruction for this paper:)

——From My Professor’s Instruction——
1. Must be at least two pages, 12 point size of font, MLA format
2. Based on the PPT files that I attached below.
What to consider:
1. Reflection, thoughts, reactions to anything discussed in the PPT files.
2. Reflection, thoughts, reactions to anything political you have seen read, experienced.
3. Any personal reflection or anything you’d like to share including challenges you may be facing or feedback about the course.
4. Are you reading articles or watching or listening to programs on politics? If so, tell me about them and your reactions.

1. I am a college student studying in San Jose, California, majoring in Computer Science. I am taking this course as a general education course.
2. I am from South Korea, currently studying abroad in USA, it has been 2 years. 21 years old.
3. So, please do not write things that is too far from my situation like above.
4. I prefer you to write based on what happens in USA politics.
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