Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Voice over IP. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Internet telephony has gained much popularity as an easy way to communicate and make a call to distant places via the internet. It provides a feature of free telephone calls to be made with their software anywhere in the world. These internet telephony products are sometimes called VOIP products. Like e-mail spam, voice spam (also called SPIT-Spam over Internet Telephony) is a common misuse of VOIP products and services that transfer bulk messages to phones via the internet and broadcasted through VOIP.
It fights against spam before the problem of unsolicited voice calls escalates to the same level of email spam. Experiments conducted during the project clearly manifest that the designed modular framework is capable of differentiating between human call and system-generated call. These experiments also validated that this modular framework can filter calls based on mathematical calculations performed by the caller in the Turing module.
Voice spam (also called SPIT-Spam over Internet Telephony) is unsolicited bulk messages transfer to phones via the internet and is broadcasted through VoIP [5]. The contents delivered could be voice, images, or videos. Voice spam includes various kinds of advertisements, telephonic polls, and other telemarketing. The factor that has augmented the use of voice spam for advertisement and commercial purposes is the availability of VoIP services at cheaper rates. So Telemarketers find it easy and economical to send their messages out in the world [8]. But SPIT is more obtrusive compared to e-mail SPAM as one only reads e-mail spam with one’s consent according to availability of time whereas voice spam is uncalled-for and can disturb us anytime without our approval.
To identify SPIT calls we have introduced here a framework with multiple modules, which will identify these calls with the help of a reverse Turing test in the second stage of the test. We have placed an anti-SPIT server in between the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) proxy and the VoIP gateway so that every call passes through it and only a call passing the tests can reach the VoIP server and thus the caller.
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