From the point of view of the authors (i.e. as if you were the scientists who did this ground-breaking work), write an abstract for the seminal Watson and Crick 1953 Nature research article, ‘Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids’. The paper is on page 42 of your course packet (it is missing the final section of the acknowledgements, which continued onto page 738). It can also be found in the FILES section and online in the journal Nature, 1953, number 4356, April 23, page 737.

Follow the lecture guidelines for abstracts and the general guidelines described in your syllabus for all turned-in assignments. Limit your abstract length to 110 words, although it can be much shorter.

Remember to try to have someone peer-review at least one time before you turn in your final version.

Please note, for this abstract assignment there will not be much of a procedures description since the article does not include a detailed description in the paper


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