My topic to focus on the impact of bullying behaviors on children both as bullies and victims ., Use references in attachments.
Research Proposal Paper
In this paper, you will propose a research project that utilizes one of the designs covered in the course. Specifically, you may propose either:

Naturalistic observation (please do not propose any of the other methods of observational research)
Survey research
Between-subjects experimental design
Within-subjects experimental design

No matter which type of design you choose, your paper will contain all the sections of a research report put forth in the APA guide – with the exception of the analysis and results. (You are only proposing a study, not carrying one out.) Thus, you should have an APA-style cover sheet, abstract, introduction (including a literature review), hypotheses, method, discussion, and references, as well as any tables/figures you might find useful.
Consult An Easy Guide to APA Style for assistance.
Your paper should be structured as follows:


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